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It's been a while since I've explored much outside of the world that exists within the physical boundaries of my head, and for the roadsI I traversed through these past few months,  I have mostly been structuring stories about only in my thoughts, and i do take them very seriously which means there are actually new projects and also that those new projects are indeed overdue.  the good news however, Decembers always turns out to be productive months despite of 'em  being dark, some what foggy, slow, end of the year lit and festive and meant just for the R&R. this update seems like a good start.   

So hopefully another story book about the end of this month,  or early january, which would be next in the series of "Dhanushkodi" and "Kumbh" and another project coming up early next year. until then have fun  with the memories of the old and glorious,  and see you in 2020!

You can reach me at contact [at]

I am no longer on flickr or facebook, I do  however enjoy scrolling through twitter sometimes, ( b/w  Bloomberg TicToc and The onion, mostly,  I think ) and post something on Instagram when i really feel like,  which are not necessarily, or more mood and and less, photographs.

New York, 10:29 PM Sunday, December 1, 2019

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